NBS TV Launches “UG Votes Debate” to Enable Political Debate

Campaigns for the upcoming presidential and parliamentary polls are in high gear, with presidential candidates already traversing the country in search of votes from their electorate. But what is in the promise each candidate is fronting? Are these practical?

NBS TV, the Political Command Center, last Sunday launched the “UG Votes Debate,” a show that will see different political figures face off in debate to scrutinize each other’s manifestos. This show is aimed at providing as much information as possible to the electorate in order to improve the accountability they demand of their leaders once voted into power.

The show that will be airing every Sunday at 3 PM, is moderated by Joseph Sabiti, a senior political reporter at the Next Media Park-based TV station, along with Mildred Tuhaise, herself a seasoned news anchor and talk show host.

The pilot episode that was aired on Sunday, 15th November, featured Ramathan Ggobi from NRM, Nalukola Luyimbazi from Democratic Party, Matthias Mpuuga from NUP, and Ronald Mukasa from ANT. They shared a summary of their manifestos and showed how they plan to achieve their manifestos when elected into power.

The show now joins a variety of other political shows at Next Media Park such as The Big Talk on Nxt Radio, Elections 360, The Frontline, and Barometer, among others. One wonders if the highly-ambitious NBS TV will also be gearing themselves for the much-awaited presidential debate in the near-future.

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