NBS Television’s in-house team turns in style

In an era where attention is the new currency, NBS Television has mastered the art of doing just that and I think this is a good strategy. The NBS colour brand identity is stronger than any other broadcaster and this helps her stand out, stand bold and command attention. Thank God they neutralize the red.
We are in a time where you can’t drop any step in being awesome, hire that expensive graphics designer, actually, have an in house team because at the end, they will transform your brand identity. NBS went for an in house team and the results are visible.
Viewers have expressed their liking of what is going on with NBS Television, check their comments below;
‘We can’t do live broadcasts because we don’t have the gadgets and even if we did, we can’t maintain them’_ and NBS is now doing that on a daily.
Nze for the last few years, I wake up, turn on my TV (if there’s power) make my routine coffee as the decoder boots up. Lately, GoTV immediately jumps to some religious channel. I pick the remote, switch to NBS and throw back the remote from where I picked it. I will go through with my day’s routines with the TV in one channel. Oba mbilaba, oba sibilaba, something will always come up that picks my attention.
I’m just one of so many people out there who follow this ritual. NBS did good and it’s only real to hook on.

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