NBS Television leading by example in COVID-19 crisis


In the latest edition of picture perfect, NBS Television has led by example, following and exercising the presidential directives on fighting the coronavirus pandemic even among their on-air talents.

On their entertainment show, “Katch Up,” last Friday, 2 days after President Museveni had issued his first directives on the COVID-19 pandemic, the show hosts were seen encouraging their guests to sanitize their hands before they got on stage.

Our sources at the station have also since shared that moves to decongest their offices at Media Plaza had been made, with the company asking most of its employees to work from home. Only a few newsroom and technical personnel are allowed in office.

Next Media Services CEO, Kin Kariisa, has also since made rare appearances on TV, recording a video message to the public both online and on his TV stations.

NBS Television has also since launched a daily bulletin on COVID19 updates locally and internationally, hosted by journalist-on-a-steep-rise, Canary Mugume.

Coronavirus has already had a massive impact on the country, with 9 confirmed cases so far announced by the Ministry of Health.

Stay safe, Uganda. Follow the guidelines as offered by Government, and make effort to verify news before forwarding it.


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