NBS Television Continues to Champion Change for the Betterment of our Country

NBS Television Continues to Champion Change for the Betterment of our Country

Apart from the famous Rolex, the other distinctive thing that defines Uganda is the garbage, specifically single use plastics or commonly known as ‘kaveera’. You would think it’s our other name, Uganda Kaveera (that sounds so wrong).

Over time, countries across the world including our brother Rwanda have agreed to ban single use plastics because the threat it poses to the environment is greater than its use.

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A year ago, NBS Television, NEMA and VIVO Energy came together with a campaign that sought to rid our environment and selves of this Kaveera. A bunch of people didn’t think the initiative would last long because with our kind of ‘moving to the middle income status’, this would affect the economy but the campaign is proving fruitful with tangible results.

A year later, the ministry of education and sports has ordered all schools to ban Kaveera from the school premises, the state minister for investment, Anite has come out to say that the government is in talks with the Swedish investors to invest in recycling plants that would in turn create employment and save the environment. The minister for trade, Amelia Kyambadde has recognized effect of single use plastics on our environment. I personally got rid of them all, the corner grocery store in my neighborhood adapted to serving clients in reusable material.

The direction this campaign is taking is right, we need to trust that people are willing to put our environment first. NBS TV, NEMA and VIVO, the nation is behind you in this struggle.
The impact is clearly visible we shall keep banging on the door until we enter.

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