NBS Housing Baraza Coverage and Online Buzz Drowns Competition Out

The COVID-19 pandemic brought us many things, but the stand out was surely the TV battles. Initially all about the Friday and Saturday night entertainment shows, the battle has since spread out to other TV spheres such as live broadcasts and other programming.

It is no secret that NBS TV is the superior one when it comes to live coverage as it has demonstrated this over the years, excelling at covering landmark events such as the Pope’s Visit in Uganda and several live political events. Their coverage of their ongoing NBS Housing Baraza, complete with the conversation it is garnering online, further emphasizes their superiority.

While the NBS Housing Baraza was on, NTV Uganda, formerly Uganda’s biggest station, and UBC TV, the national broadcaster, covered the Ministry of Finance’s National Budget Conference for the Financial Year 2021/2022, another event one may say would appeal to the viewer targeted by the housing baraza. And yet the lack of buzz around the budget conversation, compared to what was happening at the Next Media Park, spoke loudly of who the viewers trust with live coverage.

NBS TV prides itself in state-of-the-art technology that it uses, and this has been a big plus in them earning their crown as kings of live coverage, so much that should there be a breaking story, one will today expect a one Canary Mugume, Daniel Lutaya, or any of the NBS TV team to bring you that story live from that area of interest. For this, many people’s first choice for any live coverage will just be NBS TV.

In the past, various public personalities, and even the president, have shared photos of them watching NBS TV’s live coverage. These wins are surely making Mr. Kin Kariisa, the CEO of Next Media Services, a happy man.

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