Navio opens up on truth behind ‘joining Sanyu FM’

Navio opens up on truth behind ‘joining Sanyu FM’

A few days ago, rumors made rounds that rapper Navio was joining Sanyu FM.Word was that Navio would host ‘The Drive’ show, which is hosted by celebrated radio artisans Timothy Code and “the only” Jaluo.

Some sections of the public and gossip media channels were quick to conclude that Jaluo and Code might have faced the ‘knife’ at Sanyu fm.

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True, Navio was the host of a segment of the Drive show on Sanyu Fm on Wednesday March 30th.

Navio however had to cut the excitement of a legion of his fans that had hoped that the Ngalo singer would be a permanent addition to the show, after revealing that it was only a temporary arrangement!Navio revealed that he was only a visitor at the station, who chose to flip the conventional host- guest arrangement.

Navio instead took over the driving sit, as he interviewed the show hosts; Timothy and Jaluo. And minutes into the show, Navio disclosed that he only assumed the host role to break the news of the appointment of the show hosts Timothy and Jaluo, as part of the Walkers on the new Johnnie Walker ‘To the ones who’ campaign.The rapper was also named ‘The National Walker,’ which makes him the face of the new campaign, that is the talk of town.

During the show, both Timothy and Jaluo highlighted that the campaign is crucial for themselves and the youth across the country on so many spectrums, as it seeks to speak-to, impact and celebrate the individuals that push boundaries in their respective areas of trade and passion.

“This is a campaign that we needed as the youth; it’s like a big pat on that back that says you are good, you’re making waves, we see you and we appreciate you. I am glad that Johnnie Walker is leading the way to acknowledge the strife of the youth and is giving us that much needed nod,” Jaluo said.

For Timothy, the campaign comes at a pivotal time when the youth are being tasked to re-evaluate and evolve the spaces they occupy as they keep on working; “this campaign has come at a pivotal time, just after the pandemic that has seen the youth evolve and try everything possible to keep walking. I am excited to be part of this, and the fact that it’s going all over the country, is the perfect icing on this already sweat cake, “ Timothy said.

Other Kampala Walkers on the campaign include Sanyu Fm morning show co-host Miss Deedan, bar marketer Slay Farmer, and renowned disc spinner Slick Stuart.

The campaign was set in motion with a symbolic walk-through Nakawa, that climaxed with a press briefing at Thrones Lounge in Bugolobi.The trio of Navio, Timothy and Jaluo joined voices to call out Sanyu Fm listeners and fans to make their way to the Garden City rooftop this Saturday (April 2nd) for the official launch of the Walkers’ tour festivities, where the rap-star will entertain revelers alongside super diva Sheebah Karungi.

“We urge all our listeners and fans to come through at the Garden City Rooftop this Saturday for a crazy party. We shall be serving you lots of Johnnie Walker cocktails and you will have a chance to win lots of goodies,” Timothy said.

Navio joins Grammy award winning Nigerian performing artiste, Damini Ebunoluwa Ogulu, who is better known by his stage disguise, Burna Boy on the roster of the continent’s faces for Johnnie Walker.

The Walkers’ tour is expected to go to major cities in Uganda, where several key figures in the respective regions are expected to be appointed to join the Walkers’ list.

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