Natasha Keza sets the bar high for sexiness

Natasha Keza sets the bar high for sexiness

Natasha Keza aka Tasha is too talented and too attractive for her own good. I’m pretty sure just showing her face in several states must be illegal since her beauty can cause riots and massive car pile-ups after a public spotting of her.

I wish there was a way for me to reach out to her and tell her that everything is going to be okay. I’m willing to allow her to stay at my place for as long as she likes so she can avoid the constant barrage of compliments that will eventually make her go crazy one day. It’s truly hard being that fine. I’ll remember to mind my manners and only tell her how pretty she is once a day. It will be very hard for me to only compliment her once per day but I do somewhat okay when it comes to having discipline.

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I don’t think Natasha will ever understand just how much I want to support her. Not only do I wish to shield her from compliments, but I also wish to spend quality time with her. She’s a real life wonder woman. Crafted like an Amazonian goddess. I’d superglue myself to a woman like her just so I’m sure to never miss a moment with an outstandingly flawless female.

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