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Nancy Kitaaka donates Holic sanitary pads to Namere community girls

Philanthropist Nancy Kitaka’s #PadsForAll campaign seems to be gaining ground and spreading across Uganda like the proverbial wildfire.

Shortly after donating pads to the Mildmay International HIV Specialist Hospital through musical artiste Sama Soja and dance artiste Patricia Nabakoza, she managed to yet again orchestrate a successful pads donation in Mpelerwe, Namere.

Speaking at the handover ceremony that happened yesterday in Mpelerwe, renowned dance artiste Patricia Nabakooza apologized that Sama Soja, the ambassador of the #PadsForAll campaign couldn’t be with them at the hand-over ceremony because he was down with a fever.

“It is unfortunate that the lead ambassador of the campaign Sama Soja can’t be with us today. But he sent his regards, and he urges each and everyone of the young girls here not to leave school because of lack of Sanitary Pads. We started the campaign earlier this year and we are glad to have helped many young adolescent girls who have been challenged healthwise and academically because of lack of access to sanitary pads,” explained Patricia Nabakooza.

Over 200 girls from areas around Namere, Mpelerwe left beaming with happiness after receiving free sanitary pads in a Socially Distanced Hand Over occasion, from Nancy Kitaaka in partnership with Holic pads on Saturday.
Dance artiste Patricia Nabakooza said that she already understood how big the donations meant.

“I feel so happy, and fulfilled to be handing over the donation because I’m helping a fellow girl child. I was born and bred in the ghetto, and I understand what it means to have to choose food before sanitary pads. Many teenagers can’t afford sanitary pads because of the same reason. Nancy Kitaka’s intervention will go a long way in helping them. We can’t thank her enough,” Explained Patricia Nabakooza.

Lovinsa Kayendeke, a 15 year old beneficiary of the donation said she was elated that Nancy Kitaka managed to reach out to her area.
Helen Kilonde, a community counselor, while speaking at the function noted the need for teenagers to avoid peer pressure. While Joyce Nalunga, the host of the event, said that the problems need to be tackled at house hold level.

“Before we address the problem of lack of sanitary pads. We should advise parents to start the conversations about sex earlier in life. That way, adolescents comprehend the changes happening in their lives, and therefore know better how to deal with them. That said, I want to thank Nancy Kitaaka and the Buddo Junior class of 89 for their generosity and kindness towards my community Namere Village Mperwerwe. We believe our community has been impacted and the lives of the teenagers will not remain the same,” said an ecstatic Joyce Nalunga.

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