Najjera’s not too Silent Disco Nights at The Gardens

Najjera’s not too Silent Disco Nights at The Gardens

Music lovers gathered together on Saturday evening for a Silent Disco nights party with the Almost Famous DJs who brought with them a heavy load of headphones to the tunes of the Silent Disco powered by Tusker Lite.

Revelers lost themselves in musical bliss and could be spotted singing out loud switching it up to a not too silent party rave that included a four channel playlist for the guests to choose according to preference.

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The Almost Famous DJs had the crowds partying and dancing in thrills changing the Silent Disco to a night of fun, laughter and merrymaking all night long at the Gardens Najjera.

It did not matter whether one had headphones or not, the party continued on till the wee hours of the morning with many promising to be there for the next edition in October.

The Silent Disco Nights are a monthly music getaway where music lovers are treated to four channels of musical bliss coming in from select DJs. It also entails a silent rave of party goers looking for a good time in a calm relaxed setting.

It is now the ideal party turn up that has peaked into the night life for a calmer set of party lovers.

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