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My Songs have never been about my personal life – Rema

Soulful singer Rema Namakula might have just heard it with speculators especially those that are always in her business. The star who just released her latest single ‘Clear’ has come out to clear the air about the song and who it is about.

The song that was released early January has heard many speculate that it was a dub against her ex singer Eddy Kenzo and a praise song for her now husband, Hamza, something that has not gone down so well with the star.
In an interview the star made it clear and stated that none of the songs she has ever voiced is part or has anything to do with her personal life.
The star who is not new to controversies has come out and stated clearly that even though the song speaks directly to the character of her husband she has never at any one point in her career sung a song about her personal life or relationships.

“I do not know why people think that my song Clear is about Hamza, it’s actually not. Noneof my passed songs where about my personal life or relationship, I do not do that.Clear is the slang that is commonly used so I thought I would do a song out of it,” she said.
“Guess it’s also good that it speaks to Hamza’s character after all he is clear,” she added.
The star will be performing the song for the first time at her maiden 2020 concert that is slated to take place on Valentine’s Day at Hotel Africana.

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