‘My rough year with Tabloids’ – Flavia Tumusiime

We continue to bring you radio and television personality Flavia Tumusiime’s story of her life in series as told by her. Read on. . .

Sexy Flavia Tumusiime is revealing the story of her life

Sexy Flavia Tumusiime is revealing the story of her life

When i was fresh off teens club, i had the first rough year with the tabloids. They were constantly painting me as the former teens club presenter who was always out smoking and drinking, falling and embarrassing herself and dating my former co-presenter. Then in my first year at capital, they ran a story that i was dating my boss and that’s how i got the job.

One day Capital had organised a party and called media personalities and journalists, i asked one of the tabloid writers, why he chose to write false stories about me. His response.. “i write what am given, your own friends and colleagues sent in those stories” he even proceeded to show me messages as proof. Wow, bless him for having been so honest but i told him that wouldn’t help clear my name and he gave me advise that i use till today. [adrotate banner=”3″] “Flavia, you can’t change what is said or written about you by talking…no one believes that, people believe actions. So if you ever want people to see you for who you are and not the lies, live a true life and eventually people will believe actions not words.” It took me so many years to be true to myself and trust me i have made many mistakes but i choose not to broadcast them. Here is my word to you, people talk, and talk and talk some more, good or bad. Never build your success on peoples’ words or even break it because of their words. ‪#‎30daysofflavia‬.

Flavia had tough times with Ugandan media

Flavia had tough times with Ugandan media

On the other she said, “When i left teens club, i was exposed to a growing celebrity culture. There were cliques and all and who was hanging with who.

I was excited i wont lie, i enjoyed hanging with all the famous musicians that people saw as untouchable and it got to my head. I started to want to be like them…well not the singing part lol. I wanted to dress like them, live lavish and just fit in. A friend of mine, a local female artist had a very trendy hairstyle and i told her to recommend the salon, i got there and was treated like a star. After my hair was done, they gave me a bill fitting of a star…lol i took a double look but i paid and it took most of my cash in my bag to sort that bill…all for hair that i couldn’t keep after a week because celebs don’t do that.

Anyway after that, the pressure was on, i would spend every coin i made just to look like or copy a certain friend and what i thought was cool. Then i woke up and realised i had nothing to my name except the cool shoes and bags. So i started to save…my first meaningful salary was 450,000. I started to knock on doors to give me any gigs or work to supplement my income since i was paying my own tuition at university.

I made it work, with my salary and side work. Obviously things have changed today and i can afford a certain life but even then…more money more problems. Here is my word to you, its not and will not get easy in the battle to keep up appearances, but at what cost? I hope the next time you make a decision, you start with what YOU think before you bother with what anyone else thinks. #30daysofflavia. We will continue tomorrow.

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