‘My modelling story’ – Candy Eunith Ainembabazi

‘My modelling story’ – Candy Eunith Ainembabazi

Dubai based Ugandan model, Candy Eunith Ainembabazi has revealed the secret behind her rise to top of the modelling game. She revealed the story on her social media pages. She is also said it was not easy because her mother was against it. Here is her story;

I remember my first time on stage as a model /actress was 2010 I didn’t know what stilettos or make up was. Making matters worse my mother hated it to the bone. But that didn’t stop me. My anxiety wouldn’t let me stop. My passion, admiration for the dream was too huge…fresher at campus fresh in the industry in unfriendly, unwelcoming environment couldn’t stop me either…I strived, managed to get in but it wasn’t satisfying so I flew. It’s not like i stopped however much I took a long break, never stopped dreaming.

Unlimited Internet - Uganda

Dream still on even bigger in a foreign country could write a book if at all given a chance. @ Dubai Marina,” Candy Eunith Ainemabazi posted.

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