‘My journey to contesting for Bukoto County West MP seat’- Olivia Mugabe

‘My journey to contesting for Bukoto County West MP seat’- Olivia Mugabe

In February 2016, i made up my mind to run for Member of Parliament Office come 2021. I came to this decision after witnessing various leaders that had assumed office during the 2016 polls.

I sat back and thought to self that we could do better as the YOUTH! I wasn’t very impressed and contented with the quality of leadership VS service delivery back home in Bukoto West CONSTITUENCY.
I set out to start on my political journey. (How it all started is a story for another day)

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After several consultations and meetings, only about 20% of the people i talked to gave me a go ahead. The main reason for their disapproval was; “OLIVIA YOU’RE STILL YOUNG, GIVE YOURSELF ANOTHER 10-15 YEARS!”

This did not stop me from pursuing my dream because i was determined from the get-go! I chose to focus on that 20% that had given me a green light.

What point am i driving home….?

To my fellow youth, the more we wait for our dear elders / grandparents to take charge of our future the more it will get worse. We have to get out of our comfort zones, throw away this irresponsibility and take part in decision making processes. That space will not be granted to us at goodwill, we have to fight for it.
It is absurd that most of our elders say we have no business joining politics now yet the majority commenced their respective political journeys in their 20s and early 30s… (The irony ?)
They say we are too young to run big offices but forget we are more learned and exposed than they were when they took charge!
Our elders have done their part, we really do thank them and request they sit back and offer guidance and wise counsel to the youth. They should not fight us!
As we celebrate The Youth Day today, i encourage my fellows to get up and take charge of their destiny. Empower ourselves in any way possible, invest in materials that will enhance our thinking capacity and change our mindset. Develop the culture of reading.
Like Mahatma Gandhi said, “Be the change you want to see.”

Happy Youth Day 2020.

By Mugabe Olivia
Aspiring Member of Parliament for Bukoto County West, Lwengo District.

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