My first day ‘hell’ at Capital FM – Flavia Tumusiime

On day 29 of Flavia Tumusiime’s 30 days of her story, she revealed of how she almost threw in the towel on the first day at Capital FM. The sexy presenter revealed of how it was not easy after she made a mistake and the mic was switched off. Read on for the complete story.

Flavia Tumusiime said she almost quit on her first day at Capital FM

Flavia Tumusiime said she almost quit on her first day at Capital FM

Flavia Tumusiime: It was a Saturday afternoon, my first day on Capital Fm (not first day on radio though, since i had done 6 months with Hot 100). I was so nervous, maybe because i wasn’t sure of the audience or myself. I turn on the mic for my first voice break and as i begin to talk, a guy walks in(i had seen him many times very close to the boss and imagined he was one of the managers) he switched off the mic in the middle of my talk and said to me “you introduce the station name, the show then your name, not how you did it, now try again” and he switched on my mic again…i was in shock and wasn’t sure what had just happened but i thought, if this is a manager, i should just take the advice.  [adrotate banner=”3″]

I did the show till the end but that disruption had broken me down, i didn’t think i was good or would manage the job, i thought i had screwed up on the very first day so why would they keep me around. When i came back for my next show, i spoke to the programms manager and told him about his fellow manager who had scared me on the first day…his reaction was priceless. He laughed so hard and told me that guy is not a manager, he just helps out where i need him to, he is not permanently with the station. I was in shock, my boss also said it was my fault for not knowing everyone and their role at the workplace and in my life and work. He said, that if i had taken the time to know who and where they mattered, i wouldn’t have been that broken up about a situation like that and would have handled it better. In life, don’t let those who don’t see your vision drive you from it or pull you into their direction. Know who is who on your journey and their purpose. ‪#‎30daysofflavia‬.

Flavia Tumusiime is making it big on radio and television

Flavia Tumusiime is making it big on radio and television

Who is Flavia Tumusiime?

Flavia Tumusiime is a Ugandan radio and tv host, actress, voice-over artist and emcee. She currently presents a mid morning radio show (AM-PM Show) on 91.3 Capital FM radio in Kampala. She is also a new anchor with NTV Uganda.

Early life and education

Flavia Tumusiime was born in 1988 in Kampala and is the only child of Enoch Tumusiime and Christine Asiimwe. She attended St Theresa Kisubi for Primary School, then joined Kitante Hill Secondary School for both O and A levels before joining Makerere University Business School from where she later graduated with a Bachelors degree in International Business.

Flavia Tumusiime is one of the best MCs in Kampala

Flavia Tumusiime is one of the best MCs in Kampala


Flavia has been a Tv presenter since she was teenager. She started presenting on WBS TV’s teen’s club, a show she did with other teens for four years. Between 2010 and 2012, she presented K-files, another program on WBS TV. From 2011, she has presented the Guinness football challenge. It has been aired on NTV (Uganda) and ITV & KTN (Kenya). In the same period, she has been a VJ on Channel O. She was also a presenter for Big Brother Africa in 2012. She is currently a news anchor on NTV Tonight a 9pm English news item on NTV Uganda based at Kampala Serena International Conference Centre.


Flavia had a short stint working as a presenter on HOT 100 FM in 2006 before finally settling at Capital FM where she has been to date.

Awards and recognition

Silver award in best Mid-morning show category in 2013 Radio and TV awards. Teeniez role model in 2013 Buzz Teeniez Awards.

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