Must watch: Toniks confessions and reflections on Tusker Malt Conversessions show

Must watch: Toniks confessions and reflections on Tusker Malt Conversessions show

Tusker Malt Conversessions has ushered in the New Year, 2022, with a brand-new Allan Toniks’ headlined episode.

The crooner serenades fans of the show with some of the finest tracks in his musical catalogue in an episode that went live on Tusker Malt Lager’s Youtube channel yesterday.

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Unlike his hip-hop inclined predecessor on the show, GNL Zamba, Toniks’ edition is highlighted by ballads, guitar strings, coziness and fine music.

The show’s 2022 debut episode seeks to revisit the core basics of Tusker Malt’s premium online experience – acoustics and vocal showcase.

The production team at Swangz sets Toniks up for a cozy, green themed, dim-light experience in the upscale environs of Riders lounge.

Clad in floral patterns and sleek sunglasses, the crooner kick-starts his episode with arguably his most timeless classic of all time, Beera Nange.

Toniks drinks further from the springs of nostalgia with his first conversation revolving around Beera Nange, his collaborator on the song, Lillian Ahabwe and the musical journey that started as an experiment before exploding into the enviable career that he boasts of today.

Toniks is evidently fired up for a performance of fine RnB, strumming the guitar to four other works of his craft, Romance, Sunday, Falling, My Miss.

Toniks musical performance is interspersed by “conversessions” on controversy, confession and reflection as he let fans in on some of his demons and glories.

He talks baby mamas, drugs, depression, addiction and the future of his career in the game. Can Toniks still top RnB charts even with the current influx of not only hungry but fresh talent? Toniks does not disappoint. He bares it all down like it is.

Toniks in this edition promises to be one of the acts to watch in 2022 as he considers unveiling his first-ever body of work and it is only deserving that he is Tusker Malt Conversessions’ first act for the year.

Fans can watch Toniks and previous episodes of the Conversessions on Tusker Malt Lager’s official You Tube channel- Tusker Malt Lager Ug.Fans can also follow the conversessions on TML’s socials @tuskermaltug on Twitter and @tuskermaltlagerug on Instagram.

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