Musician Dizzy Nuts denounces Bobi Wine, joins Gagamel

Struggling singer Dizzy Nuts has officially joined Bebe Cool’s Gagamel International Crew. The singer who has seen his career almost hit a dead end, denounced Bobi Wine on Friday night at Pool Nest Club in Kireka. During Bebe Cool’s performance at the nightspot, Dizzy Nuts was introduced to Gagamel fans by Bebe Cool.

Bebe Cool introduces Dizzy Nuts to Gagamel fans at Pool Nest on Friday

He promised to revive his career under Bebe Cool and vowed never to mess up again.

“I will do my best and am sorry for messing up my career but this time I want to get down and do good music with the help of my now father Bebe Cool,” Nuts said. Dizzy Nuts described Bebe Cool as a father to him.

Dizzy Nuts

“He has been in bad company and we welcome him into out camp with open arms, we are going to help him revive his career. He is back, welcome him into the family from smokers,” Bebe Cool said after unveiling Dizzy Nuts on Friday.

Dizzy who is also known for his song “Fire Burn Dem” was born Galiwango Stevens and was close to Bebe Cool before.

Bebe Cool

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