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Music Review: xMiliano By Jose Chameleone

A list of Ugandan music legends would be incomplete without a mention of Chameleone. However cliché that statement sounds, it is the truth. This man has clearly mastered the art of Ugandan music and perfected it.Chamil
Just recently, he has been at the bottom of every countdown in the country and region with his ‘Wale wale’ and now he is taking over the scene, in the same way, with Miliano. He has managed to always cement his presence on most of the playlists on the different media.
Miliano is a love song which can squarely be compared to his other love songs such as ‘Nkwagala ’. Basically this song is asking a lady to retaliate love that her man has for her. He explains his love for his woman and expects her to love and need him the same way. He particularly wants them to be “together like bird of a feather.”
Of course we have heard these love stories over and over again but the packaging will sell it more than it did the rest. He uses his knowledge of the Swahili language, integrated skillfully with English, to win his listeners attention.
As usual his husky voice did not disappoint in this one. Whatever spell that husk carries, I must say it works its magic right. It adds an aggie feel to his voice which I believe we have grown to love and find comfort in.
The video is a very vintage one. He chooses to use an olden Ugandan setting, where bell-bottom suits and afros where the ‘in thing’. The graphics of this video are very professionally edited. They involuntarily make the video look the as intended; olden.
We here at Showbiz Uganda, love it when our readers go ahead to listen to the music we write about. We love to promote our Ugandan music to the world. So if you have not yet heard this song go ahead and do so. If you have and you love it, talk about it to as many people as possible.
We invite you to come and read again!

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