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Music Review; Keep On Walking By Maurice Kirya Featuring The African Children’s Choir

I’m going to be very subjective with my view towards this song. It is one of the most beautiful music pieces that have ever crossed my ears. Maurice features a group of very talented young souls of the African Children’s Choir (ACC) on this one. As if having the ‘King of Mwoyo’ wasn’t enough, the divine voiced little angels came in to perfect it.

Maurice Kirya is the main performer at The Kings of Diamong party tonight at CayenneMaurice Kirya

Released on Friday 7th November, this is a gospel song preaching a message about following the Lord, no matter the situation. I must commend the vocals on this one. Yes I know many are thinking it’s obvious that the vocals must be great because it is Maurice anyway. But how many times have we had top notch artists disappoint us after we have expected too much. ACC and Maurice blended perfectly. And sound magnificent.

Usually when songs are done with children, there is notably less training for the children so they come out sounding like a poorly tuned radio but in “Keep on Walking”, the children are well trained and organized. Credit goes to their trainers. It is not easy to deal with children most times but it was achieved with these babies.

The video was shot by Sasha Vybz and basing on the few sample images it is has very simple setting; one that is affiliated to Uganda and Africa at large.
For a person that started music from childhood and always wanted his music to heal the soul, I must say Maurice is achieving all this and more.ACC in itself has a very beautiful background to its formation. I will leave that for you to find out when you visit their official website (http://africanchildrenschoir.com) and while you are there sign up to be their friend and offer whatever help you can. You will surely be touched by everything there and will be inspired to ‘keep on walking’.

As usual, we have to go out and listen to this song. Support our musicians positively and not only when they have dirt written about them. Go to Sound cloud, follow the African Children’s Choir on twitter (@acchoir) Maurice Kirya (@mauricekirya) and on Facebook African Children’s choir and Maurice Kirya Music. Enjoy!

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