Music Review: Kalibantanya by Juliana Kanyomozi

Music Review: Kalibantanya by Juliana Kanyomozi

A diva will always be a diva. No matter the time, situation or even place. Juliana is Uganda’s realest diva. She sets a standard that defines what a true diva is meant to be. And she does it so effortlessly; she is royalty after all.Juliana Kanyomozi

Kalibatanya is her latest release. It came out this week after many sneak picks of photos posted here and there to raise our anxiety. The video is a manifestation that Ugandan videos have risen to a world class level. We no longer linger in the poor quality music video day.

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Kalibatanya is a love song. With really deep lyrical content; this is a true Characteristic of Juliana music. She fishes her words from the deepest pages of the Luganda dictionary and yet makes them feel so ordinary. At the same time, like insects on a beautiful flower, she manages to attract a wide array of audiences to listen to her beautiful voice.


The song describes a very beautiful and subtle love, between a man and woman. And the video does not say anything less than the lyrics. Juliana let all the emotion of love in her voice out in this one. She sings with such calmness that you might instantly fall in love with any one of the opposite sex that crosses your path.

Swangz Avenue touches trash and turns it into gold. So imagine now what they did with this diamond of an artist. Heavenly! So go out and find this video because you are already too late anyway!

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