MultiChoice celebrates major wins at the IKON and New Vision Film Awards

MultiChoice celebrates major wins at the IKON and New Vision Film Awards

Kampala: MultiChoice Uganda proudly announces its outstanding achievement at the recent prestigious iKon Awards and New Vision Film Awards held separately in Kampala, Uganda.

The events, which celebrates excellence in television and film across East Africa, saw MultiChoice Uganda’s content shine bright, clinching multiple coveted awards. Among the highlights of the evening, MultiChoice Uganda’s productions clinched the following awards:
Best TV Drama: “Damalie”
Best Actress in a TV Series: Doreen Mirembe for her stellar performance in “Damalie”
Best Actor in a TV Series: Symon Base for his remarkable portrayal in “Prestige”
Best Music in a TV Series: Sanyu for the captivating soundtrack of “Abubakar Isiko”
Best Reality TV Show: “Date My Family”
Best Makeup Artist in a TV Show: Prestige’s Sera Nasike and Esther Nakaziba for their exceptional work
Best Actor in a TV Series: Allan Kutosi for his standout performance in “Sanyu”.

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These wins underscore MultiChoice Uganda’s commitment to producing high-quality, engaging content that resonates with audiences across the region. The recognition received at both the iKon and New Vision Film Awards is a testament to the dedication and creativity of the entire Multichoice Uganda team.

At the New Vision Film Awards, DamaLie took home the award for Best TV Series, with Doreen Mirembe winning Best Actress for her role as Damalie. Allan Kutos was also recognized as the Best Actor for his performance in Sanyu Series that is in its 5th year running and 4th Season. Additionally, Judithiana and Joel Ndugwa were awarded Best Reality TV Producers for their show Date My Family, while Isiko Abubaker, an alumnus of the MultiChoice Talent Factory won Best Music/sound in the Sanyu series.

This success continued at the IKON Awards, where DamaLie once again won Best TV Series, with Doreen Mirembe and Simon Base Kalema winning Best Actress and Best Actor respectively for their roles in DamaLie and Prestige respectively.

These wins are a result of the hard work and talent of the cast and crew involved in these productions.
Rinaldi Jamugisa, the PR and Communications Manager at MultiChoice emphasized the company’s ongoing investment in the local film industry stating, “We believe in the power of storytelling to inspire, entertain, and unite communities. Our ongoing investment in the local film industry is evident in our unwavering dedication to nurturing homegrown talent and celebrating diverse stories.” Jamugisa stated adding, “By providing opportunities and resources, we aim to foster a vibrant ecosystem where creativity thrives, and local narratives resonate globally.”

Calling for heightened and concerted efforts on Anti-Piracy, Jamugisa highlighted the importance of protecting content to ensure that creators can benefit from their work. “It’s imperative that creators safeguard their content, not just for their benefit but to preserve the integrity of the creative process. At MultiChoice, we are staunch advocates for protecting intellectual property, ensuring that creators can fully reap the rewards of their hard work, storytelling prowess and innovation in film.”

Doreen Mirembe, the producer of DamaLie, expressed her gratitude for the various recognitions received, stating, “It is wonderful to do great work and get recognized for it. It is a well-deserving and satisfying experience.” She also alluded to what viewers can expect from the upcoming season of DamaLie, promising a thrilling new chapter for fans of the show.

“What viewers have enjoyed in this season of DamaLie is nothing compared to what is coming. We are returning to their screens in Season 2 with a bang! I encourage our crew and cast to continue honing their craft to deliver the best-in entertainment.”

Jamugisa further highlighted MultiChoice’s commitment to supporting young talent and encouraged aspiring filmmakers to pursue their dreams.
“Nurturing emerging talent is at the core of our mission at MultiChoice. We are immensely proud to provide a platform through the Multichoice Talent Factory for young filmmakers to showcase their creativity and bring their visions to life. Through dedication, hard work, and passion, the possibilities are limitless, and we are here to champion and elevate the next generation of storytellers.”

The IKON and New Vision Film Awards stand as prestigious acknowledgments of excellence within Uganda’s vibrant film and television landscape, revered by industry insiders and audiences alike. The recent wins reflect MultiChoice’s unwavering dedication to crafting top-tier, engaging content that captivates viewers both domestically and internationally.

As we celebrate these victories, audiences can anticipate an exciting array of future endeavors, including more award-winning TV productions and innovative projects set to enthrall audiences in the days ahead.

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