Move over Men’s Conference, protesting wives are plotting a Women’s Conference this Wednesday

Move over Men’s Conference, protesting wives are plotting a Women’s Conference this Wednesday

Kampala came to a standstill this Monday morning after police held a group of wives that were protesting over several issues against their husbands that are affecting the harmony in homes.

According to the housewives, side-chics have taken over their husbands’ lives and are spoiling their marriages.
“Wives also deserve trips to Dubai,” a placard from one of the women from what they called the Association of Housewives read.

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The women who staged at Garden City, Mulago and Usafi Roundabouts brought morning traffic to a standstill as they complained that prices have gone up but husbands are not increasing “Kameeza Money”.

The women were whisked to Central Police Station in Kampala where among their grievances told Police that “husbands are no longer eating at home.”
“They just be in bars, watch soccer, eat muchomo and come home belching yet we have prepared nice food for them,” one of the women said.

Police advised the women to get off the streets and make a formal gathering where they can address their issues. It is then that the women said they are holding a Women’s Conference this Wednesday April 13th at the NCC in Naguru.

Meanwhile, the protests have gone viral and attracted the attention of big wigs like opposition stalwart former Presidential aspirant Kizza Besigye who said he feels the women’s pain.

According to a tweet by the seasoned politician, women are in pain and society deserves to pay attention. He further defended men, saying that the reason why Kameeza money is low is because of the economy and that women should instead lead the fight against socioeconomic justice.

“Women are in pain; let’s pay attention! The biggest source of problems is, likely, the economy- men are in hiding and don’t have “Kameeza money”. Women should, instead, lead the fight for Socioeconomic Justice; I am already dressed- to go!” he tweeted.

One of the thorny issues to discuss at the conference is the longstanding war between housewives and the side-chics who have recently gained popularity among the married men at the expense of the former.

Men are rumoured to be splurging their cash on their non-official lovers at the expense of their official wives hence the protest of the women demanding more from their husbands.

With such topics, the Women’s Conference promises to be an explosive one.

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