Most hardworking Ugandan ladies in Diaspora unveiled

Most hardworking Ugandan ladies in Diaspora unveiled

There are a number of Ugandans who work and live abroad but today we want to celebrate the most hardworking female Ugandans abroad. Here they are in no particular order;

Mtc Numbers

Unlimited Internet - Uganda

Her real name is Susan Namutebi and she was among the first top female promoters in United Arab Emirates (UAE). As an events promoter, she worked hard and gained some good dollars which she invested heavily back home.

She has trucks for transportation and has a built a number of apartments here in town including the luxurious Suzana Villas. She trades under Mata Ga Suzana’ and uses Mtc Numbers on social media. She drives some of the most luxurious cars around.

Juliet Zawedde

Born from Nankulabye, Juliet Zawedde has rose to fame because of her hard work which has made her own Convenient Homecare Services a company looking after the elderly persons based in Sudbury Massachusetts, United States.

She has amassed wealth from her hard work thereby starting Juliet Zawedde Foundation (JWF) which has helped a number of needy people. She also has a number of apartments in Kampala and surrounding areas. She drives some of the most expensive cars around.

Zari Hassan

No question about how hard work Zari is. Based in South Africa, Zari is a true definition of from rugs to riches becoming one of the most influential celebrities in Africa.

She now heads Brooklyn College which she started with her late ex hubby Ivan Semwanga. She also earning big from her celebrity status as a brand influencer and brand ambassador and owns a number of property in Kampala and South Africa. She owns a fleet of posh cars.

Eunice Brenda

Brenda is Uganda scribe based in Scandinavia. She started off her career in Denmark before shifting to Sweden recently. She has worked her way up and gained fame and money from her works in Denmark. She has been able to fund her family here in Uganda and bought a number of property. She has also been involved in humanitarian works and has added onto her education.

Kleith Kyatuhaire

From her youth days as television personality, Kleith Kyatuhaire left for Dubai where she works with ‘Get Quick From Dubai’, a company that helps ship items from Arab world to Uganda and many other parts of the world. She has become a house hold name in the company helping it to grow further.

Ashley Quality

She has been a top events and music promoter in UAE. She is a good hustler who recently started Ashley Tours and Travels, a company that works on visas both within and outside United Arab Emirates (UAE). Ashley is a go getter lady.

Barbie Alokiss

She is a true definition of a real hustler. This super model based in Dubai surely knows how to hunt for a dollar. She is an events and music promoter and hosts a number of event in Dubai night life. This has made her a rich kid like she calls herself. She has also invested heavily back home.

Heather Nanteza

Denmark based diva is one lady who gives her all on what she does. She is a perfect hustler and works her head out. The singer recently gifted her mother a brand new car and has a number of other projects running back home. Her music is doing well.

Nana Weber

Stunning socialite and humanitarian stays in the US and has been amazing in her charity works. Back in the US, she works hard to earn a living which she later shares with those in need through her Nana Weber Foundation.

Yvonnie Nansinguza

She recently acquire a job at Fawq Alssahb Travel and Tour, a company based in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) which works on visas, visa change, hotel and ticket bookings. Because of her work, the company has gained status across most of African countries especially in Uganda. She has been influential in its name building.

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