More companies sign up to participate at the upcoming Tech Expo which will run alongside the Africa Blockchain Conference 2019

With only a few days to go, more top players in Uganda’s tech industry have confirmed participation in the upcoming two-day tech expo that will happen alongside the 2nd edition of the Africa Blockchain Conference on the 3rd and 4th July.

The tech expo will give an opportunity to showcase some of the advancements that various innovators, developers, designers, technology providers and top brands have made in the technology industry in Uganda and the continent large.

Some of the companies to confirm participation in the upcoming expo include; MTN Uganda, Andela, Ubuntu Group, Project Hydro, Sunstone SAS, Input/Output, Flutterwave, Crossroads and CITL International.

Being the largest telecom provider in Uganda and on the continent, MTN Uganda will lead the participants at the tech expo with some of its latest as well as outstanding innovations and products. These will range from internet products, gadgets, mobile money, banking solutions and other services they offer.

Andela is a global talent placement company backed by the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative among others, that invests in themost talented software engineers to help companies solve the technical talent shortage and build high-performing engineering teams. With over 100,000 applicants, Andela has managed to find placement opportunities for over 1,000 developers in different African countries.

Flutterwave is a team of ex-bankers, entrepreneurs and engineers, who built an integrated platform for both large and small scaled businesses to facilitate online payment technology solutions across the world. Their payment solutions have made it easier for Africans to build global businesses that can make and accept any payment, anywhere from across Africa and around the world.

CITL International offers products in the financial technology sector that are dedicated to the transformation of global payment systems through cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technology and the utilization of market volatility of both cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies in global financial markets to create investment opportunities for small and mediumsized investors.

“Since we launched, our vision has been to help Africa’s next generation of software engineers reach their potential, and our participation in the Blockchain Tech expo reiterates our commitment to that vision. Our new hiring criteria opens the door to talented software engineers across a broader and higher skill range, to give them the opportunity to be a part of the tech revolution we’re building while advancing their careers as well,” says Jackie Ochola, Country Director, Andela Uganda.

The Tech Expo is organized by CryptoSavannah and the Blockchain Association of Uganda, working in collaboration with the Ministry of ICT and National Guidance to bring together developers, brands, marketers, technology providers, designers, innovators and tech evangelists looking to set the pace in the world of technology.

The Dome will be the centerpiece of the Tech Expo where visitors will experience IoT functioning within a smart home, the speed of 5G connectivity, the impact of artificial intelligence in our everyday lives, how drones and robotics are changing the fields of agriculture and manufacturing, how augmented reality and virtual reality are changing healthcare, and the utility of autonomous vehicles in our lives, and much more. The tech expo is open to all members of the public with an entrance fee of UGX 15,000.

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