Model Nina On Representing Uganda, Modeling And Love Life

Model Nina On Representing Uganda, Modeling And Love Life

Nina Mirembe is a Ugandan professional model well known as a fitness, bikini, lingerie, high fashion, commercial, editorial, and runway model.Nina 3She was last week chosen to represent Uganda at the 2014 Miss Asia Pacific World beauty pageant in South Korean capital Soul. Showbiz Uganda tracked her down and this is her story.

SU: Who is Nina Mirembe?

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Nina: I am a very happy and compassionate person. I enjoy sharing things and talking to people about almost everything. I have a quick wit and love to laugh about everything under the sun. I can be quiet at first, but once you get to know me, I don’t shut up. From way back, I happen i to have a logical mind but understand and feel emotions as well. I love good food and healthy fitness, not forgetting my obsession for photography and fashion.

SU: Tell us about your love life?

Nina: I’m not single. I have someone though not yet ready for public consumption.

SU: When did you join modeling?

Nina: I joined modeling in 2012 after winning Miss Uganda Beach Beauty 2012-13.1457634_339312769545016_26960501_nSU: Who inspired you?

Nina: I actually inspired myself in everything have done and in everything I’m about to do because have always been a wildest dreamer to achieve something greater in life, something of which I am passionate about.

SU: Unexpectedly you beat off competition from top model and fashion designers for the slot to represent Uganda at such a big stage (Miss Asia Pacific World)?

Nina: It’s a humbling experience now that I will be representing my country internationally and It’s something that I ever fantasized in my wildest dreams.

SU: What do u in your free time?

Nina: Well, I like to organize my things when I have time. I like to give myself a special treatment, maybe a facemask or a manicure. Fresh air always makes me feel better or puts me in a better mood, so I take an adventure. If I’m alone I will just burst into song and basically dance around my house like an idiot! I love watching YouTube fashion clips, which always keep me updated with fashion trends.1484156_336101319866161_1055269419_nSU: Rate modeling in Uganda

Nina: Modeling in Uganda is a bit challenging because it basically isn’t a full time job, fashion industry is just growing up though at a slow pace. Basically its yet to pick up as compared to the potential of our girls.

SU: What cant you do without?

Nina: Touching other people’s lives. Good food, water, oxygen.

My family, My craziest friends, My Man (he gives me a good laugh), Seeing the sun rise and the sun set, honesty, being out at sea on the white Sands on the beach. Healthy fitness (if your not healthy your life is screwed). Ice cream (that’s always a big crave I got). My phone and lastly a lip balm or gloss. Cannot do without them.

SU: What did study and which schools

Nina: Im a high school graduate studied arts including the language Literature in English. I studied from Baptist High School and Good Will College.

SU: Are you a movie freak?

Nina: My favourite movie is Madagascar hahahaha I just can’t get enough of it, its always good to laugh your jaws out. My favourite actor is

I love Jason Statham and my favourite model remains the supermodel Naomi Campbell.

SU: What future plans do you have?

Nina: My future plans are to focus on what I do best, learn new skills in the industry and later I would like to go beyond just being a model to a management.

SU: What is the memorable thing you have done on runaway

Nina: It has always been my signature walk, my unique super catwalk always leave the stage with wow….1526654_349408428535450_499999390_nSU: What message do you have for young models?

Nina: The modeling industry is not a joke, its challenging, there’s scam, there’s rejection but whatever it is …if it comes your way and hits you hard to a point of giving up on your dream, please don’t give up keep dreaming big because there’s always something great you meant to do. One-day success will knock on your door only if you work hard for it, and learn how to promote yourself than being overshadowed.

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