Model Katrina Nilzero tells off gossiping men

Sister to singer Leila Kayondo and model Katrina Nilzero has no kind words for men who gossip like women. Posting on her social media wall last night, the sexy model said she is irritated by the behavior which she said,  has given the birth to a generation of ‘half men’. “Men can’t keep their mouth after sleeping with a certain woman, 99% of men have become like women,” she said.

“Screenshot has given birth to a generation of half men?? People will talk to you crazy to show others. 99% of men have become women, gossiping day and night.  You can’t sleep with a woman and keep your mouth shut?? How much do you bank after an affair?? You can’t be a man who gossips and still broke?? Please pick up struggle. To all men,” Katrina posted.

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