Minister Peter Ogwang takes Economic Monitoring whip to Kaliro District

The State Minister for Economic Monitoring in the Office of the President Hon. Peter Ogwang has taken his Economic Monitoring exercise to Kaliro District.
“Kaliro district officials learnt nothing and forgot nothing from my previous visit in October 2021. Yesterday, I decided to pay them another visit and arrested all the culprits (more than 5) who are abusing their offices and public funds,” Hon. Peter Ogwang tweeted.
During the exercise, he found out that Kaliro District irregularly recruited parish chiefs.
The District Service Commission produced a minute recruiting 38 parish chiefs yet only 35 positions were advertised. Relatedly, of the 38 recruited, 5 lacked minimum qualifications.
He also established that Shs600m was allocated in FY 2019/20 and FY2021/22 for rehabilitation of Bumanya-Bulumba-Namukooge Road, but the funds were abused and diverted.
“The Chief Finance Officer confessed to this. All construction work payments had no engineering certificates clearing their work,” the minister noted.
In addition, Kaliro Internal Auditor was allocated a motorcycle but he gave it out to his brother to use it as boda boda.
He found that shoddy works remain rampant; Shs284m was spent for renovation of 89 primary schools, but the output is a disaster.
Government released Shs56m meant for training personnel on the Parish Development Model program, but the activity didn’t take place and money was swindled.

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