Minister Frank Tumwebaze on Land issue

Minister Frank Tumwebaze on Land issue

The NRM right from Inception, Put land in the hands of the People. This is not about to change. And If you Study our land Policies  & compare  them with those of other countries, you will appreciate how tilted  they are, in favor of the citizens than in many other jurisdictions.

Frank Tumwebaze

The proposed amendment bill therefore, is not reversing any of these policies. It only seeks to provide for how to resolve quickly disputes on Compensation values, without defeating the principle of compulsory acquisition of land for Public Interest developments, which the 1995 Constitution framers correctly provided for.

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There are numerous cases of individuals either wanting to sabotage Projects with unreasonable disputes or to overprice and cheat Public funds. How do u explain for example, a case of one person refusing the given value of shs 80 million and asking for shs 1 billion along Kamwenge-Fort Portal Road for less than an acre of land?. Very Unreasonable & anti-public interest. Certainly government can’t afford all that money. And why would one person out of the many that agreed, jeopardize the interests of all by delaying a public good? This is the logic we need to look at.

By industrializing and linking the hinterland 2 the market through faster development of infrastructure (physical and technological), land owners get real value. Any delays therefore, impact badly on our livelihoods as a people and as a country. That is what Public Interest means and it’s good for us all, political sides notwithstanding. Let all of us understand & resist the Irresponsible politicking on this issue of Land for Public Interest developments.

Meanwhile the Minister has applauded President Yoweri Museveni for recognising ICT as another sector for job creation. Its only  through innovations that ICT can create jobs.

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