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Mimi De Boss Chic runs down Amsterdam

Socialite and entrepreneur big spender Napeshirah Mimi aka Mimi De Boss Chic was over the weekend in Amsterdam Netherlands. The socialite as usual was on spending spree and enjoyed her short vacation to the fullest.
While in Amsterdam, she met MC Richie and a number of his friends who included Anderman, Richie, sister Sarah and Abdul Cori who is Mimi’s primary school old boy. During her vacation, MC Richie took her to the  tour in Amsterdam and she also paid a visit to MC Richie’s home.
The socialite didn’t miss out on partying and while in a night club in Armsterdam girls cleaned and massaged her feet as she enjoyed the queen status popping champagne and other expensive drinks. Below are some of the videos recorded during her vacation. Check them out!!

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