Mellah stripped of Miss Pride of Africa UK crown

Due to family matters it is with deep regret to announce that Christiana Mellah Onwuzuruoha has been relieved of her duties as Miss Pride of Africa UK 2016/2017 queen.

The decision has been made following the exciting news that Christiana & her husband are expecting their first child and she will not be able to uphold the responsibilities expected of the title… here at Miss Pride of Africa UK we could like congratulate her and wish her all the best.

“Moving forward, as tradition dictates we will be crowning our 1st princess/1st runner up Cheryl Svove from Zimbabwe as Miss Pride of Africa UK 2016/2017 queen for the remainder of the years reign. Cheryl is 19 years old..

An award winning international young performer of the year 2016, a dancer, model and actress we are confident that she will do a fantastic job during her reign and we are looking forward to working with her,” A statement read from Miss Pride of Africa UK 2017’s management.

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