Mega World Cup at Trendz Lounge Bugolobi

This weekend on Sunday 15th July 2018 marks the end of 2018 World Cup in Russia with France taking on Croatia for a fight to claim world glory. Trendz Lounge Bugolobi will host the mega party dubbed ‘Gin & Bass World Cup Final Mega Party’ to watch the final game live at the hangout.

The party powered by Uganda Waragi is the biggest World Cup party in town on Sunday with lots of fun and entertainment. It’s going to be a massive party. Come and enjoy the finest game with Uganda Waragi in the house

“Another Big Party Confirmed Happening on 15th July Sunday. Gin and Bass World Cup Final Mega Party at Trendz Lounge Bugolobi powered by Uganda Waragi”, Trendz posted.

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