Meet Uganda’s Top Event Organisers

Meet Uganda’s Top Event Organisers

Social events security guru Dixon Okello has named his list of Uganda’s top event top organisers of 2015 in no particular order.

These are the guys, who will guarantee the success of your event and have a very stable income. I have worked with all of them and know them well.Balaam BarugahareBalaam Barugahara

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Balaam Barugahara (Balaam events and marketing). At only 34 yrs, he is no doubt the top event guru in the country. He is trusted by all major corporate companies and government officials. He has a team of trusted and loyal staffs that give in 100%. All top artistes dream to be promoted by him. He is a billionaire with several flats, plots and businesses all over East Africa. He worked hard for his money, unlike some guys, who depend on family support.Elvis SekyanziElvis Sekyanzi

Elvis Ssekyanzi (Silk events). He is down to earth and one wouldn’t know that he owns the company. He is a man, who will carry speakers, share lunch and chat with his all his ground staff. Silk events are always consulted, to plan and organise major concerts and Government functions. They have the best event equipments in town.

Peter Kagwa  of Ware House Events

Peter Kagwa of Ware House Events

Peter Kaggwa (Events Warehouse). My OB from Kings College Buddo, is the King of all major international conferences in Uganda. He handles most Government organised functions and events. He is also down to earth but very strict about giving out free money. You must sweat to be paid.Joseph Masembe welcoming President Yoweri Museveni at his one of the 'My Kid Is A Super Star' functions he organises at KololoJoseph Masembe welcoming President Yoweri Museveni at his one of the ‘My Kid Is A Super Star’ functions he organises at Kololo

Joesph Masembe (Mase Consultants). He is the best at doing public relations for any event. His little hands go green project, has earned him millions and international respect. With over 20,000 parents and kids attending his ‘my kid is a super star’ event at Kololo Airstrip, President Museveni had no choice but to appear twice. He has done several activations for major companies in Uganda.Aly AlibhaiAly Alibhai

Aly Alibhai(Talent Africa 256). He is a team player and also strict about money. He has a rich family background and has funds always available. He is a major agent for Jamaican and Nigerian artistes in East Africa.

Steve Jean (Fenon events). Just like Balaam, he worked hard for his money. He owns a studio where most top artistes record top quality music. Fenon are the kings of indoor events in Uganda. They have the best lighting system.

Gerald (Vibes Events). He is a very affordable event organiser. Down to earth with good stage and sound system, and always delivers. Just like Elvis, one wouldn’t know that he owns the company. He always keeps a low profile. This is my opinion and you’re entitled to yours.

Dixon Okello

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