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Meet the best PR guy in Kenya who is close to the Deputy President

Opipi is truly changing the face of public relations in Kenya as he takes charge of top celebrities in Nairobi.

Opipi began as an assistant to Majimaji of the duo Rap Gidigidi MajiMaji in his 4plays studios back in 2006, he has been the man behind marketing of HIT songs across East and Western Africa.

Opipi (L) welcoming the vice president at the Jaguars occasion which was held at K.I.C.C in a past event

He is one of the best PR persons who have the best networks and much reliable in Kenya today whose closes allies are like Akon, Nameless, Governor Alfred Mutua and many other more.

Vice President of Kenya Follows Back Opipi on Twitter

‘I just woke up today and realized that the deputy president is following me back on twitter. Am actually the Luckiest out of 97 people he is following’, he said.

‘I am sure that I will soon meet him in person and share a cup of coffee together in future and discuss business that can help the youth in future,” he added.

Follow Opipi on Twitter @opipimusic

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