Meet Kitten Eyez Rootz as he talks about his love for music

Kitten is a reggae artiste based in the UK. He talked to Showbiz Uganda about his love for music.

SB: Briefly tell us about yourself

Kitten: Well I am a reggae artiste currently based in the UK and l hold a degree in music technology production. I am a singer/song writer sound engineer a programmer and producer.

SB: When did you join the music industry?

Kitten: I have been doing music for some time now on a laid back level.

Kitten is a reggae singer

Kitten is a reggae singer

SB: Why did you take this long?

Kitten: This is just one of the many songs i wrote ‘ENTALO EZO’ way back in 2007 and at that time l didn’t feel it was the right moment to be released until now. Because of the happenings around the world felt as musician it was great opportunity to let it out. The massage in this is about the dangers, troubles and tribulations that Jah family facing every day.

SB: What genre do you sing and why

Kitten: Am a soul singer or a melodic singer l love reggae music and contemporary jazz music too and it makes me feel relaxed when l want to put my message across.

SB: You have released an entertainment track, ” Tuzikoye” What’s the message in this song?

Kitten: The message is clear wars don’t achieve anything part from destructions, tears, pain, suffering and poverty. Since we are in elections fever, this is the right time to focus on our future generation. We must think for better days to come and so in every nation elections are the same.

Kitten on stage doing his music

Kitten on stage doing his music

SB: How have you found it?

Kitten: Let the public decide on that bit the few listeners feel it’s got some massage and it’s a good song.

SB: Give your view on artistes in politics?

Kitten: Everybody is got the right to do what they want to do in life. I belong to only one party music party so if one feels like a music politician, then I see no problem with that and because music is a language l always believe it plays a great part side by side with politics.

SB: Are you also into politics?

Kitten: No thank you

SB: Any collabos to your name?

Kitten: Have been working with different artistes and recently we have just finalized working on a tune with reggae man Omuana Isaac who is based in Germany soon it will be aired out.

Kitten with Gold medalist Kiprotich

Kitten with Gold medalist Kiprotich

SB: Any last words to your fans

Kitten: To all fans out the dread less Rasta say mi love always thank you for believing in me one day we meet l can’t wait to hit the industry with new style new music keep listening to the EDUTERTAINMENT music Jah protect you all and have him blessings.

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