Meet Jackie Kizito, the folk star

Meet Jackie Kizito, the folk star

Jackie Kizito is an award winning Folk – Kadongo Kamu Musician born on 12th June 1983 in Kitintale, Kampala. Jackie Kizito comes from a family of six siblings altogether. Her father is alive while her mother passed away. She studied and completed senior four.

Jackie Kizito receiving HiPipo Award


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In 2009, she launched a solo music career with her address being Mukono district. After four years of solo music and minimal success, she started Mwagala Production and Events with its headquarters in Mukono still. Since then, she has not looked back, outing more music and growing her band and events company. Today, Mwagala Production and Events has more than 20 permanent staff.

Together with the Mwagala team, Jackie Kizito produces and manages all her events.

To date, she has two albums. ‘Ani Ampima’ that was launched in 2015 and ‘Mayumba Kumi’ which was launched earlier this year. She is a married lady with three kids – two girls and a boy.

Her most popular songs are; Mayumba Kumi, Tebasima, Side Dish, Plan B, Emiswaswangule, Kyabbeeyi, Tugabane and Ani Ampima. Jackie Kizito dreams of becoming an artiste recognized at national, continental and global level.

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