Meet Esther Birungi, the Social Media Influencer changing people’s lives

Meet Esther Birungi, the Social Media Influencer changing people’s lives

Esther Birungi is a graduate of Law from Uganda Christian University (UCU) Mukono, who has become an influential media personality in Uganda.

Birungi has used especially Twitter to influence for brands, products and promote her Birungi Charities drive to change lives of the needy girls from poor families.

Esther Birungi

She has been instrumental in girl child activism and started a campaign dubbed ‘ A Pad for Every Girl’ and ‘Pad Thru Covid’. This has seen her reach out to thousands of girls in different schools across the country, donating them pads to use when in their monthly periods.
Because of this idea, Esther has created hope and put a huge smile on the faces of those girls who mostly come from disadvantaged families.
Esther through her Birungi Charities, has also been instrumental in creating awareness to fight against several diseases like TB, HIV, COVID-19 and many others.
She also partnered with Coca-Cola Africa in distributing the pads around Karamoja.
It is with no doubt that Esther Birungi is the most impactful Social Media influencer in Uganda.
She was in 2021 given awarded a certificate of recognition by the Ministry of Education and Sports because of her outstanding work in menstrual Hygiene management.

She was also listed among the Menstrual Champions in 2021.

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For all your influencing needs, check her on Twitter handle through this link….. @EstherBirungi4

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