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Meet Corey D’ron the man capturing life through the lens 

Corey D’ron (Corey D’ron Harris), the man behind the “Capturing Life Through the Lens” brand, is an American Freelance Photographer/Videographer based in the beautiful city of Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates, since 2015.
He was born on 9th April, 1976 in Washington, DC.
Capturing images and developing video advertisements for such events as Runway Dubai, Modest Dubai Fashion, All African Festival, just to name a few.
Corey D’ron is an artist that combines imagery with a unique perspective,
and execution. An expert in the delicate process of balancing the demands of capturing the personality of a subject, as well as long and short-form production. Since 2006, he has expressed his artistic affinity with the creative expression of photography. Thus, igniting his self taught career in this field by working with models in portraiture, fashion, product and boudior photography. Continuously studying to improve upon his technique and understanding of composition and light. And adapting his style into modern times as technology has advanced.
Guided by his personal motto of “excellence in execution”, Corey D’ron has since transcended his humble beginnings, evolving into a bolder and broader range of commercial and artistic genres in photography, videography, and now to cinematography.
A graduate of Suitland High School in Forestville, Maryland in 1994. Then from the University of Maryland Eastern Shore in 1999, Corey D’ron excelled in the study of life sciences, earning a Bachelor of Science Degree, and becoming a science teacher in 2001. Although this was his initial trajectory, he never let his artistic idealism and creativity waver. His relocation to the beautiful sands of the United Arab Emirates in 2015 brought with it great inspiration from the ever-evolving nature of photography, and a more refined approach to his visual expression and documentation.
Corey D’ron leverages his distinctive talent in photography, videography and now cinematography as he collaborates with a diversified group of corporate, commercial and individual clients in the region’s artistic and creative landscapes. Inspired by reputable artists and content creators and designers, he is immersed himself in a variety of software editing programs for both photography and videography, to meet the demands of creative execution and evolution, what he deems as the essence of capturing commercial and artistic genres in photography and video.

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