McKenzie Takes Over Leila Music Management

Radio personality and Events manager, Brian McKenzie has taken over as the new manager of singer Leila Kayondo.New Leila manager: Brian McKenzieNew Leila manager: Brian McKenzie

With her music getting up, the singer thought of someone who is experienced enough to tackle music affairs and sees RadioCity’s Brian Mackenzie as an ideal person.

She has previously been managed by fashinonista Kim Swagga but looks like his busy fashion schedule couldn’t help him push her music a step further.

Millions have injected in her music by close pal Suleiman Mbuga commonly referred to as SK Mbuga and this has boosted Leila’s music career.Amazing: Singer Leila Kayondo has a new managerAmazing: Singer Leila Kayondo has a new manager

Brian, being a radio personality and someone with an Events Company is a big advantage to the ‘Amazing’ singer. This will push her music up than the previous manager.

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