Mary Luswata is sexually starved – Zari Hassan

The war against Urban TV ‘controversial’ presenter Mary Luswata has continued from local celebrities and the latest to enter the race is Zari Hassan.Sexually starved; Mary Luswata

Sexually starved; Mary Luswata

The South African based socialite cum entrepreneur has described ‘Scoop On Scoop’ presenter as a sexually starved lady. “Honestly people who have time to gossip about others are the most miserable and lack what to do. That’s what happens to sexually frustrated women. Mary Luswata get laid get a life then a chill pill. You will be good doll”, Zari said on Social media.Zari Hassan has told Mary Luswata to get a man to lay her

Zari Hassan has told Mary Luswata to get a man to lay herZari posts to Luswata

Zari posts to Luswata on social media

Meanwhile the presenter has said the attacks from Ebonies Hadija Sengoba aka Hady Sengo are making her more famous and this makes her smile all the way to the bank. “ Every time Hady talks about me on social media, people get to know me more, I appreciate her work, keep it up and thank you”, Luswata said.

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