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Married Stanbic woman found in comprising situation with male workmate

Fredrick Tumusiime who works with office of the Prime Minister is perturbed after finding his wife Micah Tessie in compromising situation with her workmate Richard Roy Kazibwe who both works for Stanbic Bank Uganda.
After bumping onto them, Tumusiime ran to his social media platforms and posted a picture of his wife and her alleged side guy after he found them having drinks with their knees locked in a bar.

Fredrick Tumusiime, whose twitter handle is @tufre80 shocked social media users when he posted accusing his wife, Milcah Tessie, of having an affair with a workmate known as Richard Roy Kazibwe. Both Kazibwe and Milcah are employees of Stanbic Bank.

Fredrick Tumusiime after exposing his wife on social media for cheating asked Stanbic Bank their workplace policy for relations between married workmates.

Soon social media investigators camped on Milcah Tessie’s timeline looking for clues on the affair that they handed to the heartbroken Tumusiime.

Tumusiime also posted a picture of him and his wife on their wedding day captioned, “This choice I made didn’t work out the way I thought it would be. Beautiful woman is another man’s plaything. But I hope you’ll make it. You’ll be happy again.”

Kazibwe is a digital banking manager at Stanbic banck while Milcah is a project manager at the same bank. According to Linkedin, Tumusiime is an infrastructure expert at Prime Minister’s delivery unit.

“When you run into your wife (@MilcahTessie) with a workmate (Richard Roy Kazibwe). @stanbicug What’s the workplace policy for relations between married workmates?,” Tumusiime tweeted.

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