Malawian singer/songwriter Malaika releases new single ‘Falling For You’

Malawian singer/songwriter Malaika releases new single ‘Falling For You’

Malaika is currently receiving significant press and airplay around the world

Malawian singer-songwriter Malaika has released a new hot first single titled ‘Falling For You’ accompanied by a music video featuring Zimbabwean superstar Tytan.

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“Falling for you is an afro beats inspired pop song with a dancehall feel, the saucy song challenges gender stereotypes encouraging women to go after what they want, in this context a man, instead of always waiting for the guy to make the first move.

Talking about what inspired her to write the song, Malaika says far too many women are unfulfilled and unhappy in relationships because they don’t feel they can express themselves sexually or communicate their desires without running the risk of being labeled “wild” or accused of cheating.

The music video was produced by Tawanda Sibotshiwe ( Jusa Dementor) in association with Stage Works Films.

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