Mafiki Zolo to bring Oomph to the ASFA’s

Mafiki Zolo to bring Oomph to the ASFA’s

With the Abryanz Style and Fashion Awards (due for 8th December) inching closer, speculation has been brewing about which international musical artistes will be performing at the ceremony. And as usual, rumour has started making rounds. The latest to come from the ASFAS camp is that South African duo Theo Kgosinkwe and Nhlanhla Nciza of the Mafikizolo have been confirmed to perform at the ceremony. Social critics and media sites are already hailing the organizing team for choosing them. This, because Mafikizolo are famous for having an eclectic sense of style which makes them exactly what the ceremony needs to add oomph to the already star-studded line up of designers.


“Mafikizolo are an embodiment of the blissful marriage between music and fashion. Over the years, they have cut out an Afro-chic urban look that has become their trademark. But we are not keen on disclosing their involvement with the ASFAS yet. It will be done in the right time,” Brian Ahumuza, Ciroc Brand Ambassador and ASFAs founder said in a phone interview.

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It should be noted that the duo is not averse to the fashion dynamics of Africa. Nhlanhla, the female member of the duo is firmly established in the world of fashion and is the designer behind the NN Vintage Clothing label. She has already showcased her creations at the biggest fashion shows on the continent.

We only hope this comes to pass as many Ugandans are excited about their latest hit, Love Portion.

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