M7 condemns Komamboga terror attack, vows to hunt perpetrators

M7 condemns Komamboga terror attack, vows to hunt perpetrators

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has once again condemned terrorist attack at Digida Pork Joint Komamboga in Kampala.

In a statement released by the State House, the president said the attackers which he described as parasite pigs will be defeated.

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“As I said earlier, I condemn the action of the “parasite pigs” that planted a bomb at Digida Pork Point where they sell pork, sodas and alcohol. Although these people were breaking curfew hours and using the place as a bar, still the criminality of the perpetrators must be condemned. We regret the death of the young lady that died and the 3 that were injured. Earlier on, I had been told of five injured, but now, I am told, they are three. The public, however, should be assured that these perpetrators will be caught. Ever since my May 2018 speech in Parliament on crime and the 12 measures I announced, although only partially implemented, it is almost impossible for a criminal to kill Ugandans and not be caught. You have seen the suspects arrested so soon in the Masaka murders, the suspects in the Katumba case, the suspects in the case of the NRM Ntoroko Chairman, the suspects in the Openjuru case, the 15 ADF suspects arrested since the attempt to plant a bomb at the funeral of Lokech in Pader, etc. These do not include those who were killed while resisting arrest. By foolishly continuing with their criminality, they have invited us to crush them and we shall.With those operating outside Uganda, we shall work with the brother African countries, to go for them. Let their supporters, then, not start shouting that we are hunting innocent people.All we ask from the public is vigilance and prompt reporting to the nearest police post of anything suspicious.Ssabalwanyi of Luwero,” a Statement from President M7 said.


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