M7 Commissions Mbale-Soroti Road As UNRA Boss Commends Dott Services Limited Work

By Lillian Kansiime 

President Yoweri Museveni on Sunday commissioned Mbale-Soroti Road at Kumi town. The president urged residents in the area to make good use of the road by getting involved in agricultural activities. He said that the road will make it easy for the transportation of their farm produce to the markets.President Museveni prepares to commission Mbale-Soroti Road on SundayPresident Museveni prepares to commission Mbale-Soroti Road on Sunday “This road was constructed using Ugandan government money 100%, don’t bring your mattresses and sleep on it but have income generating activities like piggeries, chicken, coffee plantations, goats, cows, eggs to mention but a few to be able to make good use of the road. We did this road when there were fights of government workers wanting salary increment but we said let us first have infrastructure sorted then we can think of salary increments”, the president said.” In 1996, the government allocated Shs300 bn for the roads and but as of now it is Shs3000bn. That is why we are able to make such roads,” he added. [adrotate banner=”3″] The road was constructed by Dott Services Limited at a cost of Shs 106 bn. They still have 10 months to fully complete the road. “This road was done with the highest quality. There was some delay due to the road design and these were not of Dott Services Limited making. It is a good road and we still have 10 months to finish it up completely for example doing road marks, working on shoulders and putting road signs,” Maheswara Reddy, Dott Services Managing Director said. Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA) Executive Director, Allen Kagina commended Dott Services Limited for the good work done. “They have done good job, they have the capacity to perform, there are a few things to finish and they still have 10 months to full complete the road and we are sure they will do. The work is surely commendable,” Kagina said. She added that the road cost Shs 106bn and that as Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA), they must make sure that such roads have a life span of 15 years or more. UNRA’s job is to make sure that road signs are respected and speed limit maintained. She appealed Ugandans to protect the road; it is a national asset and when you see an overloaded truck, call our hotline 0312233111 and report. Kagina said 4 new permanent weigh bridges as well as mobile ones are to be established across the country to curb the problem of over loading.

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