Lynda Ddane, Mountain Dew In Carnival Deal

Sexy model Lynda Ddane has cracked a mega deal with soft drink Mountain Dew that will her work with the drink in three carnivals. The first one is the Swagg Carnival slated for this Saturday 16th May 2015 at Venom Beach Bar and the model will be the MC of the day.Lynda Ddane will MC the Carnival on Sunday at Venom Beach barLynda Ddane will MC the Carnival tomorrow Saturday at Venom Beach bar

“If you got swagg just like my gal….you gotta be there if you got no swagg go find out how we be….”, Lynda posted on her wall. Entrance to the Saturday Carnival is 5k only.Lynda Ddane is set to MC the carnival on SundayLynda Ddane is set to MC the carnival on Saturday

There are two more carnivals; one set for august and the other in December where Lynda will work on them in huge deal with Mountain Dew.

Meanwhile she is also set to start a radio show soon. The show will kick off in two weeks time at Magic 100 FM.

Looks like the sexy babe has finally fallen into things.IMG-20150514-WA0020

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