Lydia Nabatuusa applauds Suzana for the support

Lydia Nabatuusa applauds Suzana for the support

Few people have done what Susan Namutebi aka Mata Ga Suzana who also calls herself Mtc Numbers on social media and that’s why the director of Nabatuusa Foundation, Lydia Nabatuusa came out strongly to praise and applaud the work of Suzana.

Lydia through her Nabatuusa Foundation which takes care of orphans is happy with what Suzana has done for her.

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The appraisal comes after she delivered school uniforms to 32 kids under the above foundation and promised to also buy for them shoes.


She is an amazing lady and we need many more of her type our communities, Thank you Suzana for the good work of helping the needy,” Lydia said.

Thanks to Mtc Numbers, 32 kids out of 70 have now got Uniforms and Shoes on the way Courtesy of Mtc Numbers i do take care of 70 Orphans in case you want to help out with something just contact me or I can give you direct contacts in Uganda. Thanks for the endless support folks,” Lydia based.

Follow the foundation page on Facebook through this link in case you want to contribute something

Suzana is also setting Suzana village and once complete it will be one of the best in Kampala

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