Lydia Jazmine turns me on- rising star Encee Dada talks about love, sex & music

Lydia Jazmine turns me on- rising star Encee Dada talks about love, sex & music

A few years back, our music industry welcomed a young, hunky and fresh singer with stage name Encee Dada. His first hit song ‘ Kampala’  went viral and every Ugandan got to love. Today he is a star. Showbiz Uganda caught up with him and below is his full interview.

Tell us briefly who you’re and little about your background?

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My real names Lawrence Ecakara 2nd born of 2 raised by a single mother.  I went to Teso primary School, Teso college ,Mbale college and Ssaku ss Wobulenzi. I am currently in my 2nd year at Mubs doing business computing

When did you join the music industry?

I started officially in 2018 but started doing music related things since 2012,

What was your first hit that ushered you into the industry?

I Did songs like adakai, Kampala, inyobongin, everyday ft latinum but then kampala opened doors and whatever followed was great.

What inspired you to sing? 

 Personally I love music and it’s more like a basic need to me.   

Today young people are joining the industry to make money, what is your motive?

Music is one of my basic needs so I sing because I love it but then if it rewards me ,I dont think that’s bad.

Are you from a musical background?

It’s a gift from God and I work so hard so competition only makes me stronger.

There is too much competition right now, how ready are you to get yourself to the top?

I know that well. But what I love about Ugandan music is, it puts you in your place when one tries to do extra ordinary things. I am not competiting with anyone. My music will get me to the top.

How ready are you to handle the fame that comes with music?

One thing I know about myself is that I am humble. I can never be taken up by anything. I have been groomed to remain humble even when I have achieved the best. So fame and music, nothing will change me. I am already famous and I am handling.

You’re young and handsome, how do you handle Kampala girls that are always avaliable?

Iam not yet thinking of cheating on my music by going into useless things. Kampala girls are so easy to handle.  You just have to ignore them and do your stuff.

Well, are you single or dating, and who is that lucky girl?

I am single but not searching.

Young boys like you are always on the look for older women to sponsor their life style and music, would you welcome a loaded one?

I can never mix business with pleasure. Any sponsor male or female is welcome.

Among our female musicians here, who would dream to bed?

Ofcourse Lydia Jazmine. Uganda is well endowed with beautiful women but then Lydia Jazmine Turns Me On

What is your next five year plan?

Iam a superman when it comes to making music and so my five year plan is to introduce my art to the world and let them have a feel of it.  I want show them I am the best at what I do.

Your message to your fans?

My fans please support my music. Keep the love.

Lydia Jazmine

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