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Lydia Jazmine shows off hot body in a swimsuit

Star diva Lydia Jazmine is not talented but also poses a hot bikini body. The ‘Same Way’ singer damn looks good in a bikini. Almost to the point where I have bikini-envy. And I don’t even wear bikinis, but there’s a part of me that hates her for looking so good in a bikini. It’s unfair to the other women on the beach.

How are they to compete with such perfection? Seems like a futile endeavor. Maybe Jazmine could get her own private beach and then we wouldn’t have to worry about our wives and girlfriends getting bikini-envy when we head to the shore.

Its worth looking into, I suppose, and better to make one woman angry than have all the rest of them be angry, but I do see how this plan may be a bit unfair to Jazmine. At the same time, she’s getting a private beach out of the bargain, so I really don’t see why she’s complaining.

Oh well, I suppose we’ll all just have to make do in this situation. I don’t think there’s any way to ban a babe for being too sexy in a bikini, and frankly I wouldn’t want to live in that world anyway. Let’s just enjoy the sight of Lydia Jazmine in a bikini together in happiness!

“If swimming is not your good friend, slaying that pool can be your best friend!! drip drip,” Lydia posted.

Meanwhile her latest song ‘You and Me’ featuring Daddy Andre is out and already hitting on air and other entertainment places.

‘You And Me’ by Lydia Jazmine & Daddy Andre (Official Video) enjoy it here http://youtu.be/2o_7324M7uA via YouTube

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