Ludacris Proposed And Got Married On The Same Day


Ludacris likes his proposals like he likes his movies … FAST AND FURIOUS … because we’re told he got married over the holidays after proposing the very same day.Ludacris and wifeLudacris and wife

According to our sources, Luda popped the question to long time GF Eudoxie during the day … then took her out to dinner at a Georgia restaurant. When they returned home, a wedding dress was draped over a piece of furniture. This was all a surprise to Eudoxie, but she was game so they got married on the spot. A few friends and family members were there to celebrate.0106-ludacris-and-wife-instagram-wm-3
BTW … Luda’s mom picked out the dress, and Eudoxie had no objections. They blew out of town a day or so later for their honeymoon in Costa Rica.

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