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Love people around you, Desire Luzinda tells the world

Diva Desire Luzinda has advised people to love  the people around them.  She said so many times people lose themselves trying to work so hard that they forget to love the people around them. The singer said white posting on her social media pages.

”So many times we lose ourselves trying to work so hard that we forget to love the people around us. People who love us ,people who mean everything to us. Do not get me wrong , I am not against work but find time for your loved ones;for family,Find time for yourself and mind your health.

I once knew of a mother who put her job above everything else. She worked over time and got home late,she worked all weekends and never had time for not just her family but herself. She was always exhausted and a disease begun to eat her up. Even when her doctor asked her to take time off she still went to work. Time came and she needed to see her doctor but her boss couldn’t let her go,the boss actually thought she was lying about her illness simply because she showed up to work even when she wasn’t fine. And boom,she died in her sleep one fateful night. The burial was arranged in 2 days and business was back to normal. A replacement was already underway… so let me ask,was all that sacrifice worth it? Her family was still in pain. The children,the husband ,the friends but she was gone!!! Find time for you and the people who matter in life,” Desire Luzinda posted.

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