Lord Mayor Aspirant Kawooya Innocent boosts Katumba’s presidential bid with state-of-the-art digital gadgets

Lord Mayor Aspirant Kawooya Innocent boosts Katumba’s presidential bid with state-of-the-art digital gadgets

Kampala Lord Mayor aspirant Innocent Kawooya has come to the rescue of presidential hopeful John Katumba by buying him a smart phone equipped with unlimited data and airtimefor the entire campaign period.

The 24-year-old Katumba received the donations this afternoon when he paid a courtesy visit to Kawooya’s campaign office inKamokya where the two also shared about leadership, innovation and digital communication.

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While donating the items to Katumba, Kawooyasaid that this gesture rhymes well with his Lord Mayoral campaign slogan of Digitizing Kampala, noting that the presidential aspirant needs well-connected gadgets to reach his youthful supporters who predominantly access news through digital means.

Allow me to congratulate you on your nomination as a presidential candidate. You have entered the books of records as the first Ugandan below 30 years to be nominated for presidential elections since independence. This is a major record and great milestone that the rest of us failed to achieve,” Incoming Lord Mayor Kawooya said.

Because I believe in digitizing Kampala, my campaign team and I found it wise to help you address the communications glitches you have been facing due to lack of a smart phone. We have been able to get you a smart phone, airtime and data to cover all your campaigns. I have a team of digital experts that are also willing to help you execute a great digital campaign if you are interested.  I am also doing my best to ensure that I deliver a digital city that benefits every resident of Kampala,” he added.

The suave Katumba has risen to prominence after breaking barriers to stand for presidency in a race laced with seasoned politicians and prominent persons such as the incumbent president Museveni who has ruled Uganda for close to 35 years.  

Likewise, Kawooya, a digital financial inclusion entrepreneur, has become a household name in Kampala by vowing to remove politicians from Kampala’s mayor’s office and replace them with development-minded people.

Early this week, Katumba, the youngest of the 11 presidential candidates, damaged his phone during a scuffle with security operatives blocking his movements on the campaign trail – thus prompting Kawooya to intervene.

The smiley Katumba thanked Kawooya for the support and promised that this has energized him to canvas for votes and become Uganda’s 10th president.

“I thank my brother Kawooya for inviting me. As a young Ugandan, I am happy to work with likeminded people to develop Uganda. Like you know, the presidential campaigns are very expensive. I am facing issues including lack of a car, and team facilitation to ensure that I move to every corner of Uganda,” he said.

Katumba is now headed for northern Uganda where he will hold rallies in several districts.

He says he still needs support from well-wishers including transport means since he cannot use the security truck provided by the electoral commission.

Nonetheless, with or without a car and money, I will continue my campaigns. I am very happy that Innocent Kawooya has seen it wise to get me a new smart phone, airtime and data that will ensure that I communicate effectively. Though Innocent is a few years older than me, he is also a youth. I am happy that a young Ugandan is helping out another young Ugandan. That is how it is supposed to be,” he determinedly said.

After this courtesy meeting, Katumba and his entire entourage were treated to great lunch at Café Javas, Kamwokya.

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